How to Keep Your License

No one wants to lose their license. Unfortunately, when you get charged with a DUI in the Tampa Bay Area, a driver’s license suspension is very likely. When you are pulled over in Hillsborough County and the officer believes you to be drunk, he or she has the authority to immediately suspend your license for up to one year. You then have only 10 days to seek out DUI defense in Tampa, FL and file for an Administrative License Review with the local Florida DHSMV.

Without the help of a Tampa DUI lawyer at your hearing, your chances of successfully getting your license back are miniscule. What’s worse, is that if you lose at this hearing, or neglect to schedule one, you will have a DUI on your driving record even if you win your Clearwater, FL criminal trial. Having a DUI record can harm your chances of getting a job, renting a car and increase your St. Petersburg, FL insurance rates for years.

Contact a DUI Lawyer Within 10 Days

The Tampa DUI law firm of Tampa DUI Lawyer is experienced in these types of hearings and has obtained positive verdicts for over 85% of our clients in similar situations. Contact our office immediately to discuss how we can provide you with top DUI representation in Tampa. Remember, you only have 10 days to apply for a review or you will automatically lose your license for a year, so call now.