Tampa DUI Field Sobriety Test Attorney

Police officers and prosecuting attorneys want the public to believe that when you have failed a Standard Field Sobriety test, you may as well have admitted guilt to your DUI charges. In reality though, these tests are not a good measure of intoxication and should be contemplated with contempt, if at all. A good Tampa field sobriety tests defense lawyer can help demonstrate the unreliability of a field sobriety test at your trial. Here are some facts you should know about the Field Sobriety Tests:

These tests are voluntary. If you refuse to take the tests, the only consequence is the officer will testify that you declined to take them. A good Tampa field sobriety tests defense attorney can explain why you exercised your right to deny a voluntary test and will demonstrate how inaccurate the tests are.

If you take the test, you’ll probably be arrested. Officers who give these tests arrest 98% of people who take them. They will use and exaggerate any errors in the test taking procedure. Do you lose a little balance after standing on one leg for 30 seconds? That means you fail. Do you take any prescription medications? You may fail the vision test. If an officer asks you to take a field sobriety test, say no. Don’t provide any evidence to be used against you.

Our Tampa DUI Attorney Will Show How the Tests Are Inaccurate

The tests are not accurate. When taken under perfect circumstances, the tests are only around 90% accurate, leaving one out of ten people with an inaccurate result. Studies have shown that over 98% of officers perform these tests wrong or are not trained to administer them -meaning that in practice, these tests have practically no reliability.

There are only three acceptable tests. Although there were originally a multitude of tests developed to demonstrate a person was intoxicated, most of them were shown to be highly inaccurate. As a result, only the three most accurate tests are allowed in the courtroom as evidence. The officer may perform other tests when they pull someone over, but they will not be used in court. The only three acceptable tests involve walking and turning, standing on one leg and the following a finger or pen with your eyes.

If you have been charged with a DUI in Florida, contact our offices today to speak with a Tampa DUI lawyer. Your future is at stake.