Tampa BUI Defense Lawyer : Boating DUI

Florida offers residents and visitors over 1200 miles of amazing beaches and the crystal blue waters of Clearwater, FL are a boater’s paradise. Unfortunately, few people in the Tampa Bay Area recognize the dangers that can occur when boating and booze are combined. Just because you’re on open water doesn’t mean you can safely operate a vehicle while drinking. Alcohol is responsible for over 20% of boating accident deaths nationwide, which accounts for around 15 deaths in Florida every year. Because the crime is so dangerous, Florida has required that people convicted with BUI (Boating Under The Influence) pay between $250-$500 in fines and serve up to six months in jail, and that’s just for a first-time sentence.

Just like driving, the legal limit for boaters is a BAC of 0.08%. Also just like driving, Florida has a zero tolerance for drunk minors, if they are caught with a BAC above 0.02%, they may be charged with a BUI. It is crucial to hire a skilled Tampa BUI defense lawyer firm if you have been charged with a BUI.

Our Tampa DUI Attorney Works to Show Weaknesses in the Evidence

At the Law Offices of Tampa DUI Lawyer, we believe you are innocent until proven guilty. Our BUI defense in Tampa works to show the fallacies of breathalyzer tests, the problems associated with arbitrarily claiming anyone with a BAC above 0.08% is drunk and more. A good Tampa DUI attorney will also always ensure that your constitutional rights were not violated throughout the arrest. If they were, your DUI defense in Tampa, FL will work to have your charges dropped.

If you were charged with a BUI anywhere in Hillsborough County, contact a Tampa BUI defense lawyer from our firm today to schedule your free initial consultation. We will be pleased to provide you with top BUI representation in Tampa.