Tampa DUI Attorney

Many people assume their case is over as soon as they get pulled over for a DUI. The truth is that DUI cases are beatable, even with a positive breath or blood test backing up the officer’s word. You just need a skilled Tampa DUI attorney. These tests, especially the breathalyzer, are commonly inaccurate, and an officer can only pull you over if he had a good reason to do so. Exhaustion and sickness are often confused with intoxication and will dramatically affect the outcome of field sobriety tests.

If you have been arrested of a DUI, do not just roll over and accept the charges. Hire a skilled Tampa DUI attorney to help protect your innocence, your rights and your driver’s license.

Tampa DUI lawyer focuses on DUI trials and has years of experience protecting his clients. When you need to choose a talented Tampa DUI lawyer, contact The Law Offices of Tampa DUI Lawyer for a free consultation with an attorney well-versed in Florida DUI law.

Why You Need a Florida DUI Lawyer

Do not underestimate the damage a dui charge can have on your life and you will not be able to fight this on your own. If you choose to fight your case on your own you could be looking at charges that could affect your life forever. Our offices are located in Tampa Florida and have what it takes to make sure that you do not suffer needlessly for your DUI charge. If you get a DUI conviction the ramifications can be staggering and will not go away on their own. It may affect your employment, your relationships and you will wish you could have it expunged from your record. Giving us the chance to review your case and fight your charges whether they are for drinking and driving or a DUI charge we may be able to reduce the charge or even have dismissed and it will never be seen on your record.

With hundreds of clients under our belt we have defended drunk drivers for years and have been able to see our clients smile as they walk away from this experience. Many of our clients who have been charged with a DUI find their case dismissed and we would like the opportunity to do the same for you. Our lawyers are experience and understand what you face. We truly care about what happens to you and how a dui will affect the rest of your life.


In Tampa, Florida the law states that a person is guilty of the Driving Under the Influence if that person is under the influence of any alcoholic beverage or chemical substances when affected to the extent their normal faculties are impaired and the person has a breath alcohol content over .08. Many things can fall under the term “Chemical substances” and these may include illegal substances such as cocaine, heroin, marijuana, or even prescription medication. Evidence of impairment of a person’s normal faculties includes weaving, driving too slow, a slower reaction time, speeding; glassy eyes; slurred speech; as well as difficulty with balance.

Also should you be convicted of a DUI in Tampa, Florida the penalties are considered to be some of the roughest in the country and the Tampa courts can be a nightmare. Trying to get your case resolved by yourself could end you up in jail and include many different time consuming and costly results. For example after receiving a DUI conviction you may be forced to Take substance abuse classes which could end up last over 24 months. You could end up requiring counseling, you will have to pay fines, court costs, and pay for the counseling as well. In addition you could have your license revoked which can make it even harder to get to these mandatory substances abuse classes.

Drunk driving is no joke and receiving a DUI could lead to endless headaches for you and your family. Call an attorney today for a free consultation and we will work our hardest to see you through this with the best possible results.